9/12/12 the day things changed for most of us.
6/20/14 the day things changed for all of us. 


Pissed the fuck off. And these guys really had talent together it’s such a shame. I’m hoping it’s just a phase and eventually they’ll reunite and create music together again. Damn. I was really getting excited for the new music too. Such a disappointment after loving and following them ever since their first audition on X factor. Still love them but I’m just in shock and I feel bad for Wesley and Keaton. It’s not gonna be the same without Drew and that’s not fair to them.

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Wait a sec why is there nothing for Huntington and now there’s a date for st james…. That’s my town

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It won't let me listen to that BLI summer jam link about Lauren an Keaton what did they say?

at first he said there was a hookup but i think that was just to get peoples attention because once he said who they were he said he saw them like cuddling and were very touchy and seemed very close backstage

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this is wonderful bc it feels like new music but i already know all the words so i can sing along too this is god

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not sure if no one or everyone already heard this… but listen to this from the BLI Summer Jam yesterday about lauren from 5H and keaton

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